Thank you for visiting the contact page of Reverend Neti Parekh’s website. If you are interested in developing your Zen practice and joining a vibrant Sangha, then you have come to the right place.

Reverend Neti Parekh is an ordained Sōtō priest who has been practicing Zen for over 25 years. She welcomes anyone who is interested in learning more about this ancient spiritual practice. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Reverend Neti can offer you guidance and support on your journey towards awakening.

Because Sangha is an important part of Zen practice, Reverend Neti’s Sangha is a welcoming and inclusive community that offers a variety of ways to get involved. From personal study with Neti, daily online sitting, and Sunday morning practice sessions, to whole day zazenkai and extended sesshins, not to mention Sangha bush walks, there is something for everyone. Because of these offerings, practitioners appreciate being involved in the rich Sangha life at Twining Vines.

If you would like to browse talks, then please see Twining Vines Zen Centre on YouTube.

Neti Mushin Parekh

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