Twining Vines Zen Centre

Katto-an Temple, Canberra Australia
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About The Centre

Twining Vines Zen Centre is located in Fraser, Canberra. In a previous life it was the art studio of Angharad Dean who has generously allowed it to be transformed while she lives and works in Germany. We are an inclusive community and welcome people from all walks of life. The centre is managed by Myvanwy and Alex who live on the property next to the zendo.


Sunday mornings at Twining Vines Zen Centre

Join us from 10am until 11:30am AEDT every Sunday for zazen followed by a talk and discussion. Please use the Zoom link on the home page or contact Neti to enquire about attending in person.


Unfortunately the zendo is not wheelchair accessible. There are three steps leading from the path up to the deck out the front of the zendo and there is currently no grab rail. There are three paths leading to the zendo. Two have steps, one does not. Of the two with steps, one has shallow long steps, the other is steeper with smaller steps. All are paved but slightly uneven. The bathroom is inside the house, which is wheelchair accessible but not a full disabled bathroom. Some larger wheelchairs may not be able to fit.

The Zen Centre is a scent free environment, we ask that people do not wear any scented products before coming (including scented soaps). We do not burn incense. If you are Deaf/HoH or visually impaired please contact Neti to discuss your access needs so we can accommodate you. This applies for any other access needs practitioners may have. We welcome neurodiverse practitioners.

Dogen on Twining Vines

“Teacher and disciple practice mutually” is twining vines of Buddha ancestors. “Twining vines of Buddha ancestors” is the life stream of skin, flesh, bones and marrow. Taking up a flower and blinking are twining vines. Breaking into a smile is skin, flesh, bones and marrow.

Study further; the seeds of twining vines have the power of dropping away body. Branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit of twining vines do and do not interpenetrate one another. Thus, Buddha ancestors appear, and the fundamental point is actualised.

– Page 482 of Dogen’s Treasury of the True Dharma Eye, ed. Kaz Tanahashi.

True Dharma

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“Now, mountains, rivers, earth, the sun, the moon, and stars are mind. At just this moment what is it that appears directly in front of you?”

—Dogen Zenji